Sunday, November 18, 2007

Silk Challenge...are we having fun?

Silk Challenge... ;-) Well it started back in ?? gee I've already No seriously we got our material on Sept 22 and were given basic rules which really just told us we had to use 50% of each piece and then attend a 2nd meeting Nov 22 to show where we stood on our ideas or sewing and to receive a surprise piece of silk to put a kink in or accentuate our design. End size of art quilt is to be 144 perimeter or less. Well I bugged a fellow teacher who is also my quilting mentor (a position she took out of pity ;-) to do this challenge with me....See I have set goals for us this year to do this challenge and to also to enter a SAQA Art Quilt Show in the spring. She has begrudged me and agreed to venture as She puts it out of her comfort zone ;-)))) I keep telling her we are having fun! Hopefully we

Anyway here is the fabric we have been given and the surprise kink yesterday was a silk tie. We each received a different tie and must use a recognizable piece of it in our project.

So this is all I can show you till after the contest. Our deadline or the due date is January 26, 2008 at noon.

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