Saturday, November 3, 2007

A lazy Saturday

Well went to brunch with a buddy quilter and then to GStreet for some metallic thread to possibly help me finish my art quilt. I also sent a teaser photo to my son of some of the future squares of his Tshirt quilt. I actually took up quilting at one of my son's request. He had saved bags of Tshirts from high school sports, concerts, etc. after seeing a friend's Tshirt quilt an aunt had made them and he has always wanted one of his own. So when I moved to VA I joined a local quilting guild. Figured it would serve two-fold purpose: help me meet new people and help me make the famous Tshirt quilt my son desired. Well that led to my quest to quilt. Of course if you're a mother you'll relate it's hard to make one child something without the others feeling where's mine? Well you guessed it by now...I have to make another Tshirt quilt and this time it is for my LEHIGH Grad (who played college football) If you have been to a LEHIGH Game you know their colors are what I used to call ugly Brown and Gold lol lol (must have been the mud from the field) anyway this is one of the no brainer projects I have to work with as I stay on my art quilt journey, gives me a break once in a while. Enjoy the peek..the best thing I've told them no deadline it will be done when it is done. Also thanks to batiks, LEHIGH colors have never looked better. Well off to create, it's a glorious day!

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