Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lovely Fall day...

Well finished up with the art quilt class today. Sadly I did not feel in "the zone" and have to admit I enjoyed day one of class more.
When we tried to critique our little art quilts I don't feel we got constructive suggestions. I was hoping to get some suggestions RE: my thoughts on whether a grouping of 2 and 3 leaves or 2 groupings of 3 leaves looked balanced. My art quilt instructor suggested I leave the leaves out said the quilt stood well alone. Sadly that might be true about the quilt but was not what I had in mind nor my vision and so I'm determined to try to stick with my drawings or design. I need some materials to help complete the vision ;-))) lol so I've hit a wall.
Oh well to each their own.... have to admit though I felt like she was squelching my inner voice instead of supporting or feeding it. Oh well I guess we all have these days.
But then again look at how great today really was? Here's the view from our back deck. I love fall don't you?

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