Saturday, April 2, 2016

We have ended our 12th week of the #PBGORED, #lifeiswhy #fplbetteru 2016 challenge

First I want to THANK my daughter Keli Laverty for locating this challenge via Ivy's blog way back in November while we were all celebrating Thanksgiving in Stuart,FL and then strongly encouraging me to apply, and I do mean strongly.
Being chosen as one of the 10 women for the Palm Beach American Heart Association's [Go Red for Women, Better U Challenge] (locally sponsored by the FPL) has been a wonderfully healthy experience for me. I have learned so much RE: living a heart healthy lifestyle AND have gained some great new habits.
I think what amazes me most is when I began this challenge [life journey] I discovered I had a resting heart rate of 82. [eek!!!] Of course add the facts; my past 5 years I did little exercise due to my DDD, constant pain and horrible vertigo which slowly and eventually was diagnosed due to my C5&C6  and then thankfully the Penn hospital neurosurgeon who performed the successful neck fusion on me March 17, 2015.
So now back to my story lol; Okay I began with a resting heart rate of 82 BUT I now have a resting heart rate of 64!!! I think that is what I am most proud of because it shows I have actually been moving and building muscle back. Hopefully heart healthy muscle.
My added bonus of eating heart healthy and walking as many days as possible along the beach has made me lose over 3 inches in my middle gut area lol AND as of the other day weighing in at the doctor I have lost 15 pounds since January all by following new heart healthy habits along with my daily walks.
April 7 I will be attending the GO Red banquet in West Palm and actually will be modeling a special dress along with my other 9 "lifeiswhy" gals. This challenge  has been so much fun and beneficial to me, I have had so much fun these past 12 weeks meeting so many new people and just love my PBGORED team mates and am so proud of our accomplishments.
Hope you all go to the American Heart Associations website they have so much info to share.

Hubby took this pic the other night just as I was leaving to attend our final celebration meeting at Ivy's home.

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