Saturday, January 5, 2013

Just a lighter post.

It's been a while since I written a post. I promise to try to tackle an explanation in the future but for this post I've decided just to keep it lighthearted.
I had a busy December and ended up not being able to finish some projects I had hoped to give as Christmas presents. One of those presents was for my grand-daughter Charlotte.
Some of you might recall I made my grand-daughter Brynn a puppet theater last August for her birthday. Well that's what I was to make Charlotte for Christmas.

The idea behind the puppet theater was it would be used in a doorway.
The rods are adjustable spring curtain rods purchased from Walmart.

Puppet theater ready for the birthday girl.

Grandpa Bill (my hubby) decided to create a handy wood frame to
make the theater a little more versatile, in case there was not a handy doorway.

Brynn's puppet theater in their doorway.
 So now flash forward to the Christmas holiday, time to make another puppet theater this time for my grand-daughter Charlotte. If you look closely though at Brynn's theater you might notice a problem I discovered about my design. Notice how the audience can see through and possibly see the puppeteers.

So the new improved puppet theater still is designed to work in doorways.
But notice you no longer can see through the theater.

So this design uses 3 rods, first holds the top ruffle and back ground of puppet theater and has
two ties that ties the second level curtain rod to it helps secure the two rods together.

This photo hopefully shows the ties from top rod that slips through
slots or openings from blue theater curtains to secure the rods together.

This photo shows the top rod is front ruffle with back piece to hide puppeteers.
The lower rod is solid piece of fabric that acts as lower part of puppet theater.

This photo shows the bottom rod is just a short piece
of fabric that has tube sewn at top to slide onto the curtain rod.

The advantage of these puppet theaters: they are  easy to rubber  band
the rods together then roll the fabric up and under a bed they can go for storage.
Sure glad to have this Christmas present finally delivered.

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