Sunday, October 7, 2012

Finally can share about a special quilt

I have kept quiet about the last two quilts I made since they were to be gifts for some special people in my life. [Thus kept secret until the recipients received them.]
This weekend was the wedding shower of my nephew Gerald Taylor and his bride to be Megan McFall.  I was not able to travel to MI to attend but my gift made it's way thanks to the good ole USPS to the shower. I hoped they could tell my thoughts were with them.

When deciding what to design for this very special couple I wanted to honor their contemporary side yet also honor their family sentiments and traditions honoring their Irish heritage. [*Side note: Jerry proposed to Megan while they were traveling throughout Ireland]

So I chose some pretty batiks in colors I felt they liked and then decided to use a traditional pattern. "Irish Chain".
Irish Chain squares design sewn together.

Completed Quilt top on my design wall.

Next step quilting completed on my HQ16.


Signature on front. I actually did label this quilt on the
back with pattern name, date, made by, etc.

Trying to take photo to document yet the wind was not totally cooperating
;-)  heck maybe you can semi see the batik backing I chose.

I miss the wonderful bridge I used to use while photographing my
creations. Sadly it's in VA and we now live in PA.

Staging on the rock in our backyard for the time being until I can locate
another sweet bridge or spot to use for photographing my quilts..

So the wedding shower has come and gone. I've been told the "soon to be married" couple love their quilt. I'm hopeful to receive a photo soon of the lovely couple w/quilt (if I'm lucky)Hubby and I are looking forward to attending the wedding Oct. 27, 2012  to be a big family celebration.
So Until…..stay tune, I hope to be able to post about the other completed quilt soon, I just need to hear it has made it way to it's recipient.   May the sun keep shining on us all.

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