Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So finally realized how long it's been since my last post.

Christmas came and went much too quick, we nearly had time to breath. We did a fast drive up north this year took less then a week. When we arrived back to VA for a few days we did a quick turn-a-round drive to West Chester PA to visit our two grandchildren we missed during the MI Christmas celebrations. I posted photos of these wonderful times long ago but sadly it was on my Face book account and thus I  let my blog drop out of sight… ;-(
So here is a little catch up of my January fun…
So we celebrated West Chester Christmas in time
to babysit for Keli and Nate 's New Year Eve Celebrations
Who passes up free babysitting.

Brynn getting Mommy Keli's help to open packages.

Grandma got to enjoy all the hugs!
Then believe it or not Keli (my daughter in case one's forgotten) conned me into driving back to West Chester the following weekend to babysit  Caleb and Brynn while she flew to New Orleans to join her hubby at one of the bowl games.
Again this granny had a lovely long weekend yet minus hubby this time ;-(.

This was about the time the kids were realizing that mom and dad had really left...

Play time..

My sweet Brynn playing dress up..
I promise more updates of January tomorrow…you will soon find out that sadly it was filled with lots more family adventures, mishaps then art… ;-( yet I keep plugging away for I've found that art feeds my soul… ;-) Take care...

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