Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New year to all! It's 2011!

So to start my year off I have committed to a new challenge...notice the button on my blog that states "sketchbook challenge". click it and join in the fun ..... ;-)
I have always been a true believer in sketchbooks and I have many lying around...usually I have more then one going at once yet sadly none are that organized, most hold bits and pieces of my thoughts, ideas or mini sketches. So my personal challenge is to try to get a little more organized through out this year long challenge when it comes to my sketchbooks. I assume time will tell, but I am thankful that someone got the idea and ran with it and choose to include anyone interested.

So over the holidays while in MI and staying at the MI residence (guests of my youngest son) I made an interesting discovery in one of the closets. A plastic bag of old fabrics along with these wonderful strips of strip piecing I assume my mother had sewn????
So I grabbed the bag to bring back to VA in hopes of possibly completing her creation.

One fun part was discovering my mother actually had sewn part of this strip wrong    


 So after getting out the seam ripper ;-)  quickly correcting the slight mistake I discovered I pinned the strips to my design board to view. Was a nice thought to know my mother must have known what a seam ripper was too! ;-) lol

So now the fun will begin, but first I need to have a discussion with my mom. ;-)

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