Saturday, August 7, 2010

So let's talk a little process while I continue posting about QBL 2010

So I'm trying to think in terms of showing my process, [ I have always felt I included loads of process in my past postings] yet now that I took "The Pledge" here goes.....
During my second week of QBL Nancy had us begin with a black and white exercise and then quickly we continued on with an exercise that was to be two high contrast colors one being a dark and one being a light.
Next we made our fabrics. Here are/were mine:
The next step was: We were to cut our fabrics into units of line and shape and create a successful composition that was Abstract and Asymmetrical. Here are some photos of my work in progress.

shapes pinned on design wall during process

Final design I decided on

So I ran out of time and did not get my piece sewn together before Nancy introduced new design exercise to complete. One thing I have learned from my classes w/Nancy is a camera is quite handy not only to see our designs in black and white, but to print out the design before you begin constructing or sewing the final units together. I continue my post with photos that hopefully explain what I mean. I began sewing the piece together today.....thank goodness for the printed photo to guide me and keep me straight.
design on my flannel portable design wall
photo on my sewing table for while I construct
So back to work I go.....will post photo of completed piece as soon as construction is complete.

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Irish Kathi said...

Hey Teddi!
LOVE the exercise piece.
Will keep checking back to read more about your second week.