Sunday, October 4, 2009

Can it really have been that long?

It’s sad to think how long it’s been since I posted? But the facts are I’ve just been too busy with life to take the time to post or share….then with the intro of Face Book sometimes we share a little on that site and just forget to slow down and blog….

So now lets see? Wonder where I was when I last took time to post in my blog? A lot has happened in my life during the last few months…I retired ;-) I traveled away from my VA home for weeks on end…first MI, then Hawaii, then Denver, then back to VA to pack for MI …it has been so much fun yet sure has gotten me behind in my normal day to day stuff.

Okay so let’s see I think I shared that I got a brand new grand-daughter born in Denver….heck I’ll let her birth announcement speak for itself…..babyannouncement2web[1]

Isn’t she beautiful? And check out the middle name ;-) 

Well this is it for my first segment of trying to catch people up on where I’ve been ….I will continue with more info tomorrow I promise….It’s time to try to get back on a regular schedule for me…minus of course the day to day teaching job…instead I hope to get on a schedule that allows me to try to further my own art work, #1 step:  try to focus myself….lol ….something we all know will be very hard for me yet necessary!


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