Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hanauma Bay!

So finally we made it to Hanauma for my 4 trips now to Waikiki I had not been able to get over to the bay for the past when we tried the parking lot would be full which meant no more allowed to enter……


This time we made sure to get up early and head over first thing…it worked and wow by noon we had a few good hours of active snorkeling completed, which lol lol was plenty for us oldies especially first time in a long time…geeeshhhhhhhh I felt out of shape!  Neither of us had an underwater camera so cannot share what we witnessed under the sea ;-) but we saw many pretty yellow and blue fish, some large spooky looking large fish called mama something? and many other kinds of fish…. We did not sadly see any turtles….but I agree as they say Hanauma Bay is very nice…worth a visit…..

P1070196 P1070197

P1070209 P1070211

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Kelly Ann said...

Hanauma Bay was my first snorkling experience...I loved it so much we bought snorkling equipment for our future vacations.