Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SNOW DAY in VA- Teacher work day moved to home ;-)

So today was one of our end of first semester workdays (meaning no students, teachers work on grades, etc).
Sadly I could have used the day at school to clean my art room AND start labeling and packing county art show items. Such is life.......I definitely will not let those thoughts stop me from enjoying the workday from home!
So the weather in VA/DC area still amazes me even after almost 5 years in the area.....They talk about the weather or snow for days and then many/most times are wrong ;-) but today they ARE correct..we now have wet snow coming down.....I was up at the norm 5:35am and no snow in sight by 7:00am (on a normal day I would have already reported to work) still predicting and then received phone call stating teachers work from home.
What's nice is so far my hand is feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed.....(not sure for how long if I push it too hard) but I am showered, fed and intend to have a productive day!
I just finished ironing some material I dyed in the past two days ;-)))) was just experimenting trying to get some interesting orange and try out other colors, just see what I could come up with. Some of the pieces I plan to batik or use washable school glue for resist then re-dye so stay tuned.
This morning as I was filling my bird feeders I noticed a FOX on the golf course right off our deck. Since I'm never home in the morning it's a sight I don't usually get to experience. Looked like a good size fox. So signing off to get back to work!

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