Saturday, January 3, 2009


Thought now that I figured out how to get photos off my cellphone ;-) I'd show you guys what is under my pretty red cast (it was so funny..... imagine me in doctor's office trying to sneak pictures of my hand with my new cell phone that I had no idea how to use) This is my hand after they took the initial cast from surgery off! I was amazed when they removed the initial casts I did not realize I would be cut so much. Now maybe you can envision why my cast hurts so much. They took staples out from surgery after one week and plopped the cast on over the fresh wound. Ouch! This is actually my second red cast...the first one hurt so much they cut it off before 24 hours to appease me and put a second one on. Thankfully the second one has been manageable. I go back next Wed for it's removal to yet another one? Think the next one is partial or removable for washing? But this too will soon pass...... Then finally back to quilting!!!!!!!

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