Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! wow.....2009!

Happy New Year!!! Time to reflect? Time to set new goals?
Wow Have to admit Nov and Dec 2008 had it's moments.....
Good, bad, fulfilling and stressful but now it's history to file away....
My time in MI flew by with many family gatherings, some time for friends and then the normal "shit happens crap" lol. Let's see I had the thrill to experience time with my folks to celebrate a milestone 63rd anniversary, there was Rayna's Christening day, and of course Christmas Eve and Day celebrations.....the drive up north had it's moments we took it in two days due to the storms but the drive back to VA was sunny and smooth. Poor Bill had to do all the driving due to my lovely Red Cast! (This too shall pass though)
During our time in MI we had the full whelm of weather...cold frigid winter weather, lots of snow then two days later rain and balmy temps in the high 50's so flooding began. Of course we had some usual homeowner troubles ;-( our sump pump drainage system broke but thankfully we managed to jimmy up something to work till summer or till my son Brian can get to the problem, (snow,ice and winter is not conducive to the repair) he is such a great tenant. Then winds, and I mean lots of wind so..... timber look out below.. a tree from the property next door once again fell our way. Thankfully it missed the house......sadly we had to leave that problem behind since we had to get on the road towards our VA home once again.

It is nice to have a few days to regroup home in VA before we head back to work, I'm hoping to get into school Friday to unload my student clay work from the kiln and reload it with more student work so they may glaze next week. Due to my hand surgery ending up rougher then I imagined my student work is behind and the end of the semester will quickly sneak up on us!
Well think I will complete my 2009 resolutions or goal setting later in January when I finally have this cast off and hopefully have my right hand back in working order! Dr.Snyder did promise the surgery was complete success!
Short term plans..I am excited to be starting (with a great yahoo art quilt group) working my way through two artquilt for future postings pertaining to this experience. ;-)

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