Monday, November 3, 2008

What a mess my work area is?

Well, thank goodness I have a work day from home tomorrow....... maybe I can actually get some stuff cleared away? check out this mess in my studio.
And how exciting? Wegmans has opened right around the corner from us ;-) I remember Wegmans from my kid's college days at Cornell and Lehigh.....anytime I went to visit them they wanted me to take them to Wegmans for dinner....... lol


susangail11 said...

How funny it was for me to read your blog this morning that showed up when I read my google alerts about Wegmans. You see, I work at Wegmans in the flower shop, have a daughter that graduated Cornell and another daughter currently attending Lehigh University. It sounds as if I wrote your blog with one difference. I always check out the Wegmans while visiting the girls but not to eat but to get new ideas from the other flower departments. Oh and by the way, my work area is always a mess too!

TJM wanna be quilt artist said...

Thanks Susangail11 for dropping is funny that my blog would show up for you? What Wegmans do you work at? Our new Wegmans is in Gainesville VA and the flower department looked great! I already plan on getting a TG centerpiece from them ;-)
Have a nice work week.

susangail11 said...

I work at the Wegmans in Manalapan, New Jersy. Your blog shows up from an email alert from google about all things pertaining to Wegmans. You can sign up for the alert at Google. Definately get a centerpiece from the Wegmans. What our department loves to do is create an arrangement within our customers own vase as this personalizes it more for the holidays.
By the way, my mother was an artist as well!