Saturday, November 1, 2008

Virginia speed traps? ;-( shame on them!

So we took a lovely drive today to Staunton VA in hopes of seeing some pretty fall colors. We did see some great fall colors though sadly the cold snap we had seems to have peaked some of our colors. An interesting thing is during my 5 years of living
in VA I have never witnessed as many parked and waiting police cars....Route 29 then Highway 33 or/and 81? nearby (Augusta County?) anyway we were driving a loaner from Ford a little (sadly RED car) with little or no pickup and go which since we were just out for a nice drive today in no hurry and not racing anywhere, we did not care.....anyway we noticed and even commented all morning on the police cars parked and sitting everywhere when suddenly we got stopped????? we were shocked....anyway to say the least Bill got a ticket?? I swear I know he could not have been going the 76 miles the policeman quoted? The policeman's comment was to have the car's speedometer checked or letter from Ford and to include it when we mailed in our fine?Yep just mail in the fine, Geeezzzzzzzz got to say very disappointed to feel the area of VA we drove though today was just out for funds was such a nice day and when you witnessed how and where they were parked???
Oh well otherwise was nice day....VA is a beautiful state and fall is a pretty site! Similar to upper MI or along I-75 in MI ;-)))) but the colors stay much longer in VA.

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