Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm trying hard to focus

So how funny is this? Working through my list I came across a couple UFOs I'd sort if forgotten! Here is a piece I made in my first quilting class in Warrenton VA!
In fact the teacher is a member of the main quilt guild I belong to now. ;-) and is now my friend.......Thank you Nancy.......
Anyway you can see the pattern or technique is Ricky Tim's Convergence quilting. I enjoyed it so much I attempted a second on my own. I put these aside because I did not know how to free motion quilt or even the exact way to complete binding at that point. ha ha..... No more excuses, I've learned so much in my almost 3 years quilting? Time to get these completed! I think they will finish up nicely.
So today has been a mishmash of stuff.....organizing, trashing and now I intend to design one of the 12 inch quilts I've committed to completing every two weeks.
I've got to sign off and quit procrastinating!

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