Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blogging break ;-(

Well I've decided that I need to take a break sadly from blogging for at least a week...?
Things are piling up and maybe you noticed my postings have been slight during the past couple weeks.
#1.) It's the start of a new school year with a big change in my schedule so little planning time at school which of course means like every other teacher in the world I end up bringing the stuff home to complete...
#2.) HAPPY TIME next weekend! My son is getting married so I will be the Mother of the Groom this time! The wedding is in CT; most of the guests will travel to attend. We have guests coming from MI, Denver,CO, FL, VA just to name a few areas, the Bride's side has us beat.......many of Claire's family and parent's friends are coming over from England. We're going to have a grand time, many wonderful memories will be created I'm sure.
BUT wow talk about STRESS TIME!!! So much to do so little time!
So back to the warning of break time from blog....I have 3 days of sub plans to work on so I need to get focused.......then wedding stuff.....then sadly think I am loosing a tooth so have that to contend with too! ;-(........geeezzzzzzz when it rains it pours! ;-)))))))))
See you soon!
PS: Almost completed with the quilted JUST MARRIED sign!

here it is.........

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