Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wow busy week!

This summer is just flying by!
Wish I had 2 more months, I'm just not ready for school to begin!
Today I drove to Dayton VA to visit with a quilt store and explore the Handi Quilter.
I have been admiring the machine for a while now and thought I dreamed about it for the stitch regulator but today I discovered I might actually do a better without it? Anyone reading my blog out there that has advice RE: regulator or not? Please feel free to comment!
Anyway the drive through VA was nice even with rain! Such pretty green mountain ranges and Dayton is farmland that looked great...rolling hills of corn, horse buggy's here and there. Misty Mountains!
After I got home I finally got to try some dyeing! If you notice from my pics I actually took it seriously and wore my mask and gloves, "suggest we all try to get in the habit of safety. "
My jars are going to sit till tomorrow ;-) I'm crossing my fingers I've done it correctly to achieve wonderful colors? Time will tell. I also have a screen waiting patiently for me to try breakdown printing or dyeing on some of my material? I'm excited to see how my experiments turn out.
My last photo today is of our friendly humming bird who comes out daily to greet Bill as he sits quietly smoking his cigar ;-)

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