Sunday, July 27, 2008

What a busy week!

I'm home! ;-) If you have been reading my blog you know I spent last week at "Quilting by the Lake", a quilting summer program that has been taking place for 17 years! The teachers and classes and quilters were great! I took a week long class from Rosalie Dace on Confident Color. We started off the week by looking at photos of colors that attracted us. From a one inch square cut out we began a project. first you choose your palette and then made a little mock up. From that point we made a second design similar but with something changed, then we added colors that could blend the squares together as a design. I am not completed with that piece yet but posted it for you to see the process. still have more black to add to balance out my piece.We also were encouraged to complete color study squares. By Weds we began "Our" piece.
My original design changed a little due to lack of available large pieces of my fabric.
I do intend to get more of the fabric and complete another quilt but of my original design.
Many lessons learned this week starting with when buying material buy larger quantities instead of Fat Quarters! ;-) Don't be a chicken when it comes to buying fabric!
Anyway now to unpack and try to get used to being home, but not for long cause I fly to Denver in August to see Caleb before I start the new school year!

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