Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm not disappointed one bit! What a nice day!

So my first day of QBL 2008 has not disappointed me one bit! I am enjoying my instructor from South Africa. Rosalie Dace-(Google her) The classes are superior and next year's schedule is already out@! Wow very tempting! Something to look forward to?
Anyway let's stay focused on this experience is my little color study from day one.
Remember now it's just a color study, have a little more to do yet to complete it......We started with colors we were attracted to from a photo, (see little square on left top....then chose fabrics and got to work. We made 3 little rectangles using our colors then had to bridge them together. Mine is actually two rectangles in the middle column, then two side strips, ending with top and bottom binding and I intend to put some type of binding edge on sides tomorrow.
FYI: Day one was very full and satisfying.
Name of class Confident Color!

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