Saturday, May 10, 2008

My quilt is back home! And great news it took a 3rd place

Well remember I had set two goals for myself this, I wanted to enter a quilt challenge and the second, I wanted to enter a SAQA exhibit. Both were complete firsts for me! SO I have met my goals...The challenge I entered was held by the Artful Quilter in Centerville VA. I enjoyed my experience or journey and to my surprise placed 3rd. (My hubby said I should be happy because that means many people had to feel my quilt was worthy of first place since the voting let you pick one as your choice, not sure on his comment but yet sort of made sense lol)

But I also won a $50.00 gift card to the store so that was great! I'm raring to give it another try someday. The exhibit I entered and will eventually hear yay or nay from is a 3 Region SAQA exhibit that will be held in Staunton VA. Funny it is not going to matter the outcome because I have reached my end of the goals. ;-)

Right now I am busy making pillows for my son's upcoming wedding shower as a gift to go with the duvet and shams I got them from their registry.

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