Sunday, December 2, 2007

I seemed blocked..or lazy?

Well thank goodness for the blog, "my blog"! It's funny a couple years ago I first tried blogging in an in-service class at work. I found it too time consuming to try to keep up and now I am using one as a necessity to keep me on goal. It's a goal I've set for myself so I have a strong desire to want to stay focused but we know how hard it is for women or at least most of us to take time for ourselves? I don't think women were raised during my era to think it was okay to put ourselves or our dreams first? Funny one can go from being a daughter to a wife or/and career, then sometimes a mom, or maybe like me a teacher and single mom for 20 years and you tend to be pulled every which way making it even harder to take time to shoot for your dreams or goals. Heck who even had time to think we had dreams or to be honest my dream at the time was to do a good job raising my kids. Well I've been there, done that and now have some very bad habits formed and sometimes when I find myself overwhelmed I shut down and just plain relax. ;-) I wonder how other quilters break a slump or force themselves to move forward if you feel stuck? I have been neglecting my quilting lately for many reasons? One is just the everyday shit that happens day to day in what we call life ;-) then of course there is my job, it's a busy time of year doing grades, preparing for the annual art displays and just day to day teaching. Then there was the annual drive up north for family Thanksgiving which was wonderful yet is so tiring so we're still playing catchup need energy ;-) (it gets much harder on us as we get older each year, the drive seems so long) still, I remember to be very thankful for my health and family and the opportunity to gather. Then there is the Christmas holiday approaching so one has many things to prepare for. I'm looking forward to the drive back to MI since all 3 of my children AND my grandson Caleb will travel in and gather with all of the family.
Okay so now back to the quilting....I was stuck I have possibly too many projects going at once lol so maybe let that slow me down or dead stop me? not really sure that is the reason ;-) but anyway here you can see a few of my projects laying around...Thankfully today I kicked myself into gear and have completed some more work on my silk challenge.....cross your fingers for me it turns out as I hope? I am learning it is fun to try to design free style but oh so many unforeseen problems lol....especially if you are a new quilter or seamstress as I am.

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