Saturday, January 23, 2021

It’s been a long time between posts 🀷‍♀️😱🀦‍♀️

 I was on Instagram today checking out my profile info and forgot I had my blog listed, figured I should check it out lol and see what was what.

It is difficult to realize it has been since 2016 since my last post? Funny that post was about getting back on track? Have to admit I feel like I have been on a good track yet obviously not the track I was posting about way back then. Supposedly I was trying to get back to the habit of posting on my blog. 

It is amazing to me how much technology has changed and sadly at times can become too much a part of one’s day. For a few examples of how things have changed I can remember teaching middle school 6th graders typing/writing classes on the old Apple 2E series computers. Yup it dates me for sure. Of course our first family computer was the Commodore 64 lol which for those of you who might not have had the opportunity it was a keyboard you connected to your TV.  My Masters project while completing my degree at Wayne State University was a stack of Art units using Hyperstudio, they were on floppy disks so of course obsolete. It is amazing how technology changes, makes some items obsolete and the time it can eat up trying to stay current. 

Retirement has some perks. I no longer have to stay current with new aspects of technology, instead I can focus or enjoy the apps I get interested in and not have the pressure to stay ahead of the students in the technology world. I am amazed and in awe of the teachers who are having to teach during this 2020- ? Pandemic. To see how the teachers are using the internet to bring various online lessons to life has been amazing and daunting. TikTok alone has been informative, entertaining and such a riot during these times. (Of course I am a retired older adult, do not have to police my children or students any longer RE: dangers of the internet, just have to be aware for myself.)

I am not going to post here today that I intend to begin blogging regularly again, sadly blogging became  more work then joy and now a days you can achieve about the same thing by just posting stories on Instagram or Facebook. My blog/s served their worth years ago, I had a classroom blog where I used to proudly post my students work, there was my quilting blog which helped me stay on track as an artist and also ended up giving me something I could look back on to remember processes, work I had completed and long forgotten, ended up more of a dairy in the end. I can remember using blogs to investigate processes, other artists works, enjoying reading of others lives. Now-a-day one just googles what they question or need aid on and suddenly you have more then enough information to get one started on whatever they wish. Even how to repair your own dryer, sink drains, etc.

If anyone does happen by and read this post, I wish you well throughout these times of Covid-19  and thank you for taking the time to have dropped by. 

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